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Our History

Grandma's house transformed into a magnificent Tourist Farmhouse on Lake Garda

This is the story of a girl and her grandmother...Nonna Marì. Not very many years ago, in a small town on Lake Garda, a girl was born, whose name is Elisa. Elisa lived with her parents on the lake and very soon got to know the world of farming and country life in all its beauty. As she grew up, her passion for animals grew with her and at the age of 4, she entered the world of horse riding.

As Elisa grows, Grandma's home became a meeting place for her, her siblings and many cousins. All of them got on well with their grandparents, but Elisa always occupied a special niche in Grandma's heart, who seized every moment spent together to teach her all she knew. Every time little Elisa was taken to this wonderful place, she would only have to climb out of her parents' car, take a few steps and a voice in the distance would whisper "Where's my princess?"

Piscina dell'agriturismo sul Garda

It was just a phrase, a sweet sound tell the child her grandmother was coming to meet her, but to her it meant everything... their relationship had become special, unique. Entering her teens, Elisa, who had become a young woman, would often spend time with her Grandparents, realising every minute spent with them was the most valuable gift she could receive.

Not long after that, sadly Grandad Carlo passed away and Elisa loses a major point of reference in her life; she promises Grandma that as soon as she comes of age, she will join her in Puegnago to live with her. Before that much longed-for day, Grandma fell ill, and after a very short time in the life of this girl, who was now a young woman, she found herself having to deal with her loss of, more than just a grandmother; a pillar, a friend and a beacon that had lit her way.

Soon it was Elisa's 18th birthday and for two years she would attend Milan's Veterinary University, but her thoughts lay there, in the hills overlooking the lake. She decides to return to her roots and alone live the dream she had shared with her beloved Nonna Marì. So once back home with her parents, she confides to them what until that moment had always been a secret, a thought she jealously guarded and had never shared with anyone. Passion comes from the heart and in a blink of an eye grandma's house is fixed up and turned into a wonderful B&B. From the proud opening day, Elisa tries everything to, at least once, bring to life unique, magic and unforgettable emotions for all those who want to be part of the story.

Piscina dell'agriturismo sul Garda

There is a legend that tells of the appearance of a beautiful owl called Dorothy by her family, on the very evening the story begins. It landed elegantly on the cypress planted near grandma's house, in her honour. Every evening, the beautiful bird of prey proudly settles on that tree and wins over the peace and quiet of the landscape. Its eyes shine out a beam of light that I like to think of as that beacon that lit the way for that child when Grandma was alive.